Premium Hosting for the Launch of the New Masternode: Rapids (RPD)

Supporting the MainNet Launch of Rapids RPD!

The Rapids Masternode requires 10,000,000 RPD coins

For $10/month - We'll manage Setup and Masternode Hosting

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to start a masternode?

Each masternode coin has it's own requirement of how many coins you need as collateral to deploy a masternode and earn rewards. You can find out more of each masternode using research sites like such as: and

Do I share rewards with your site?

No, we are not a shared hosting service. We only provide VPS Hosting and Setup services by charging a fee for it. All Masternode rewards belong to you. You'll receive rewards directly to your local wallet.

What if the masternode I want isn't on this list?

We can take a look at a custom request to support your selected coin. We offer full refund if we cannot complete the setup and hosting of your selected coin.

Simply email or message our on telegram - or

Do you control my private keys?

No. There are risks with anyone controlling your coins and private keys. All local wallet private keys belong to you. You should never share them with anyone.

$0.33/day for RPD Masternode Setup & VPS Management!

100% Rewards, Private Keys, and Masternode Coins all belong to you

We'll help you Setup and Host your masternode from start to finish

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