Are you looking to earn income for promoting invaluable cryptocurrency services that add value to the community? Are you a big fan of Masternodes such as; Dash, ZCoin, Horizen (Zen), Rapids RPD, and many more to list here?

This is your chance to get on the Masternodes Affiliate program with a team that has proven themselves to successfully service the community when it comes to the Setup-Hosting-Deploying-Managing and Monitoring of Masternode VPS for their customers.

Setup Masternodes Affiliate Program

In December 2018, the infamous team known as: has released their own affiliate promotional and referral program. You can now earn a piece of the pie for simply promoting their valuable Masternode Setup services to your friends, family, and any social media outlets, forums, and relevant traffic areas.

Why Promote us and become an Affiliate?

We thrive with working with people. If we help you succeed with our Affiliate promotions, then we will continue to thrive in the Setup & Hosting business. You and Customers are the fore-front of our focus! The direct help and support to achieve your success starts with their leadership.

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