The question most people ask are what is the differences between Mining vs Masternodes? In simple: They both secure the blockchain of the specific coin. Mining requires physical hardware while Masternodes requires a virtual private server (VPS).

Mining generally requires a lot of expensive computer equipment are there powerful CPUs, gpus, or dedicated Asics.

Masternodes Secure Blockchain using a VPS

Masternodes require a lot less Hardware. However to run a master node, you generally have to have a set amount of the coin you are running the masternode for. For example, if you wanted to run a dash masternode, you would have to acquire 1,000 dash. At over $500 each, that means a master node would require a $500,000 investment.

You also need a dedicated static IP to run a master node, and the official wallet, and some good IT skills. You also need IT skills for mining.

Masternodes also require a lot less electricity, so if you are concerned about the environment, you may want to lean more towards the masternodes.

I’m a masternode enthusiast. There are a ton of great projects to choose from right now, that are a lot cheaper to get into than Dash. I really like social send, dash, Rapids RPD, Neutron, crave, Innova, go byte, magnet, and many others. Most people use sites like due to the technical natures and knowledge required to run a Linux VPS to operate your own full node.

The Masternode VPS Providers Team by a company known as: SetupMasternodes will do all the work to setup your masternodes for you — All you focus on is investing to acquire the required coins needed to operate a Masternode of your choice. – Painless way to launch multiple masternodes

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