We are building business alliances to strengthen the support for Masternode Operators

Our goal is to add value to the existing crypto industry. We will combine our efforts as independent entities to benefit the future of the Masternodes Community

The Business Alliances Group Members Are:

Masternodes Calculator

Crypto-Coinz.net - A useful tool when researching Masternode coins. We formed this Business Alliance because they help Masternode Operators begin one step of the research and due dilligence process.

Blockolo - Crypto Marketing

Blockolo - The Social Media and Lead generation marketing team is pushing forward the growth of the crypto currency industry. They focus on helping products and services receive more attention through their social media network of 300,000+ followers!

Coin Market Apps

Coin Market Apps - The mobile news alerts and bookmark listing application for the top Crypto Currencies on the market. They have listed SetupMasternodes.com into their navigation panel for their user base to access our services.

RenosCoin Developers

RenosCoin - Renos is a forward looking, egalitarian crypto-currency, driven by our spirited community and committed dev team. Renos caught our interest because of their communications, ability to form an alliances, and willingness to push forward masternodes as a community

Crypto Improvement Fund

CryptoImprovement.Funds - The CIF project will offer all-in-one functionality as an incentive, marketing tool and software suite for businesses interested in blockchain technology.  They also launched a token with a Masternode enabled coin for Operators to get involved. They are working on numerous Masternode projects to help the industry push forward