Startup Your Own Masternode In Less Than 48 Hours Time!

A Complete, Trustless, Setup & Troubleshooting Masternodes Service!

Here's What You're Getting With Our Service

  • Choose Masternode

    You can choose from our supported masternodes below, and we’ll guide    you through a successful launch.

  • Chat & Voice Support

    You’ll have direct contact with a Masternode Specialist for setup,          and on-going maintenance

  • Troubleshooting Issues

    We’ll be available to support you along any maintenance for troubleshooting to reduce down-time of your masternode.

Why Choose Our Masternode Setup Service?

  • We'll guide you through setup, and support you for troubleshooting issues
  • You are in FULL CONTROL of all the coins, servers, and wallets
  • Setup process can be completed within 48 hours of the initial start up stages
  • Troubleshooting support is available anytime after a completed setup
  • 100% Money back if we are unable to service a completed setup

Ready To Get Started?   Follow These Steps Below!

Step 1. Choose A Masternode Coin

View details of the coins below at:

You must know how many coins are required for the masternode you want to run.  Please look at that information now then pay below

Current supported coins:

 Dash Masternode Setup  MUE Masternode   


Step 2. Pay $50 in Payment - Click Below!

After Making Payment - You'll be Redirected to Application Page to get started!

Service Disclaimer: The Masternode Setup Service will provide you with all the support necessary to successfully start mining coins with your select masternode. Please note: You understand, we are strictly a service company that supports in setup. Do your own Due-Diligence when choosing a masternode to invest into. You must have all coins required for the selected masternode to begin service, and requires a VPS host to make the setup work.  We do not recommend any specific coin. We do not provide any financial advice.  Additional troubleshooting hours is available after the 1 hour free troubleshooting offer has been exhausted. We do not accept or support customers that are doing illegal financial activities with their masternodes. We reserve the right to refuse service.  By making a payment, you automatically agree to these terms.

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