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We Will Setup Your Masternode ... In 1 Hour!

Save time on the entire process required to setup, manage linux, hosting, updating, and troubleshooting your masternode VPS

Your job as an Investor is to focus on invest in the coin...

Our job is to save you the time it takes to run a Masternode

We'll do all the technical work for you to make it easy to earn residual income from the Masternode coin of your choice

Get Support with the full setup and server management. You keep 100% of the coin's payouts! Your private keys are only yours! 

What You Get With Our Service

  • Choose Services

    Three Service Options to fit your needs and goals for the supported coin

  • Chat & Voice Support

    You’ll be in direct contact with an assigned Masternode Expert

  • Troubleshooting Issues

    Get troubleshooting support to reduce down-time issues

Why Choose Our Setup & Hosting Service?

  • You keep 100% of the Masternode's payout
  • Full setup complete for any MN coin you want
  • No Technical experience required on your part
  • We do not request access to your local wallet
  • 100% Money back if we cannot complete in 48 hours

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Considering the initial $50 offer is to help the team fine tune their service so far I'm very impressed.

April 14 payment $50 - Friday
April 15 setup - Saturday
April 16 first payment - Sunday

- BitcoinTalk User: korvas128

If anyone is hesitating in using this service, don't think twice because they were super useful, and my setup was far from obvious but they didn't give up until it was up and running. You get much more value than what you pay for.  I wasn't paid to write this.

- Corto (@SetupMasternodes Telegram Channel)

Thank you for being patient and getting the job done!

Comment Review on: Coin Payments Merchant Page (5/5 Stars!)

The Big Big benefit of SetupMasternodes.com is once I've chosen a project/coin I won't have to waste time learning how to set up a node....... If needed I can learn HOW whilst the node is earning me money Smiley

So far they've helped me set up 2 nodes on different coins (Thanks Frank)

ION                        A Tester as I wanted to see how the service performed
SmartCash              My first of few new projects/coins

- BitcoinTalk User: korvas128

Ready To Get Started?   Follow These Steps Below!

Choose A Masternode Coin or Request one

Research the coins at: Crypto-Coinz.net | Masternodes.online

Find out the required amount of coins needed to run a masternode

*Discount* Supporting All Masternode Coins with Plans Below

 Dash Masternode Setup       MUE Masternode 


Select Your Service Plan Below

Learn From Experts
  • 1 Hour Free Troubleshooting
  • Teaching You Linux / Masternodes
  • Voice or Chat with an expert
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Learn Linux (Step-by-Step) from our Experts to Setup your own Masternode

Setup Only - On Your VPS
  • 1 Hour Free Troubleshooting
  • Setup in as little as 1 hour time
  • Chat / Voice with an Expert
Pay Now

We will Setup the Masternode on your VPS

This service does not require access to your Masternode coin's wallet or private keys.

All masternode rewards belong to you.

Chat with us on Telegram! Ask us any questions!

Service Disclaimer: You understand, we are strictly a Setup or VPS service company. Do your own Due-Diligence and research for any coin investments. Seek out your own financial advisors to you. You must have all coins required for the selected masternode to begin service. We do not recommend any coin or provide financial advice. We do not accept or support customers that are doing illegal financial activities with their masternodes. We reserve the right to refuse service.  We do not accept responsibilities of missed earnings during down time of VPS. By making a payment, you automatically agree to these terms.