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Company Established in March 2018

Launch and Setup Masternodes Easily Without Any Technical Knowledge, Geeky Troubleshooting Errors, And Forsaken Down Times That Cause Missed Rewards!

Our Experts Will Get Your Nodes Launched in as little as 1 Hour!

Solving Problems For Masternodes Community

Masternode Setup and Hosting requires someone to be knowledgeable with Linux VPS and Blockchains. Simply pay us to do it for you!

Start Hodl'ing Your Favorite Coins and Enjoy The Benefits Of A Masternode!

100% Private keys belong to you  100% of Rewards Goes to your wallet

Why Choose Our Setup & VPS Rental Service?

  • VPS Management

    Choose to get help with your VPS or use our VPS Hosting Services

  • Chat & Voice Support

    You’ll be in direct contact with an assigned Masternode Expert

  • Troubleshooting Issues

    Get troubleshooting support to reduce down-time issues

  • You keep 100% of the Masternode's payout
  • Full setup complete for any Masternode coin
  • No Technical experience required
  • We do not request access to your local wallet
  • 100% Money back if we cannot complete in 48 hours
  • Chat with an expert for hands on support - Live Help!

Customer Ratings & Reviews!

Considering the initial $50 offer is to help the team fine tune their service so far I'm very impressed.

April 14 payment $50 - Friday
April 15 setup - Saturday
April 16 first payment - Sunday

- BitcoinTalk User: korvas128

If anyone is hesitating in using this service, don't think twice because they were super useful, and my setup was far from obvious but they didn't give up until it was up and running. You get much more value than what you pay for.  I wasn't paid to write this.

- Corto (@SetupMasternodes Telegram Channel)

The Big Big benefit of SetupMasternodes.com is once I've chosen a project/coin I won't have to waste time learning how to set up a node....... If needed I can learn HOW whilst the node is earning me money Smiley

So far they've helped me set up 2 nodes on different coins (Thanks Frank)

ION                        A Tester as I wanted to see how the service performed
SmartCash              My first of few new projects/coins

- BitcoinTalk User: korvas128

All Master Node Coins Supported - Get Started Below!

Research sites: Crypto-Coinz | MNPMasternodes.online

You must have the required amount of coins to run a masternode

For Example: Dash requires 1,000 DASH to run a masternode

Supporting All Masternode Coins on the Market!

  Dash Masternode Setup         MUE Masternode                                

Horizen (Zen)                             

Setup or Hosting Management Service Plans - Subscribe Below

Setup Only on your Linux VPS
  • 1 Hour Free Troubleshooting
  • Setup in as little as 1 hour time
  • Chat / Voice with an Expert
  • Get it done without Technical Knowledge
  • 100% Masternode Rewards belong to you
  • All Masternode Coins supported
Pay Now

Setup only onto your Masternode VPS

Choose How To Pay Our Service: Crypto or PayPal

Next Steps After Payment:

You will be redirected to the "Coin Request Application" page

Please have the required coins ready to configure on your local wallet


  • q-iconWhat is required to launch a masternode?

    Each masternode coin has it’s own requirements. You need the required coins to launch a masternode. For example: Dash requires 1,000 coins. We do the rest by paying us for our setup and hosting services.  Use research sites to find out the required coins: http://masternodes.online and crypto-coinz.net

  • q-iconWhich Masternode Coins can do you support?

    All Masternode Coins. For a limited time. We support every Masternode coin at $10/month with full Setup and Hosting. If we cannot complete the Setup and Hosting for any reason, we will send you a full refund within 30 days.

    Note: We cannot support Horizen (Zen) Supernode at $10/month

  • q-iconDo I share Earnings with your site?

    No, we are not a shared hosting service. We only provide VPS Hosting and Setup services by charging a fee for it. All Masternode rewards belong to you. You’ll receive rewards directly to your local wallet. Be aware of sites that take a Fee for every Masternode Payout you earn. You should never send your Masternode coins to anyone including Masternode Pools or Setup sites.

  • q-iconWhat's next after a payment?

    Complete the application so we can validate payment, preferred method of contact, and the masternode coin of choice.  We will contact you within 24 hours for the next steps. Make sure you the required amount of coins is available on your local wallet.

    Contact us anytime at: Team@setupmasternodes.com or Telegram: t.me/setupmasternodes

  • q-iconDo you control my private keys? (NO WAY!)

    No. Never give access to any of your Private keys. There are plenty of risks if you give others remote control or send them your masternode coins and private keys.  With our Services, All local wallet private keys belong to you. You should never share them with anyone.

  • q-iconHow do I trust you?

    We have been in business since March 2018. We have ratings and reviews from customers on multiple places like CoinPayments, Twitter, Telegram, and many more.  Our business model is all about trusting us as a reputable service provider.

Monitor the status of your Masternodes with https://checkmynode.com

Let's chat on Telegram!   Join @SetupMasternodes

Chat with us on Telegram! Ask us any questions!

Terms of Services & Full Disclosure of Disclaimers: You understand, we are strictly a Setup or VPS service company. Do your own Due-Diligence and research for any coin investments. Seek out your own financial advisors to you. You must have all coins required for the selected masternode to begin service. We do not recommend any coin or provide financial advice. We do not accept or support customers that are doing illegal financial activities with their masternodes. Not all coins qualify for pricing. Services prices depend on market demands and resources. We reserve the right to refuse service and adjust, change, or update pricing plans and packages. No contracts. You can cancel anytime.  We do not accept responsibilities of missed earnings during down time of VPS. By making a payment, you automatically agree to these terms.

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